MEMBERS: Advocacy

    • Letter supporting opposition by Governor Scott and Senators Leahy & Sanders to the Better Care Reconciliation Act

    This letter was sent on behalf of HealthFirst members to support opposition to the Better Care Reconciliation Act proposed by the US Senate.  Click on the pdf button to see an example of the letter.
    • Testimony to House Committee on Health Care Feb 1, 2017

    HealthFirst's Executive Director, Amy Cooper, gave testimony to the Vermont House Committee on Health Care on Feb 1, 2017, explaining why independent physicians are important to the health care system.  Click on the pdf to see the presentation.
    • HealthFirst Public Commentary on GMCB Proposed FY17 Hospital Budget Policy

    Use the PDF button below to view the letter and supporting documentation submitted by HealthFirst to the Green Mountain Care Board regarding GMCB's Proposed FY17 Hospital Budget Policy, which can be viewed online at:
    • Say No to Provider Tax Video

    In 2016, HealthFirst's members advocated successfully for state legislators to reject a proposed tax on independent physicians and dentists. Click on the Web link below to watch the video produced to support this effort.
    • Physicians Practices Reimbursement Testimony

    Executive Director, Amy Cooper, advocates for pay parity for independent doctors.  Click on the pdf to see the physician reimbursement report she gave in Jan 2015 to Vermont's Health Care Oversight Committee.



  • Quarterly Board Meeting

    110 Main Street
    September 18, 2019 6:00 pm-8:00 pm


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