• UVM Medical Center's sleep program has wait list of 515 patients

    • Burlington Free Press
    • October 2017

    The sleep medicine program at the University of Vermont Medical Center has such a backlog for appointments that some physicians in Chittenden County say they are reluctant to rely on the program for their sleep-deprived patients.

    Maureen Vinci, director of neurology and psychiatry at UVM Medical Center said recently the sleep center has 515 patients waiting for appointments. She said patients are currently being scheduled for the third week of February — about four months out.

    Most commonly, sleep studies determine whether a patient is suffering from sleep apnea, a condition in which the upper airway collapses or constricts during the night,...

  • Focus on Health Coverage Misses The Point

    • October 2017


    Whenever the newest proposal to overhaul health care is introduced and scrutinized, the focus always turns to how many people will “lose” their health-care coverage. That’s because hospital and insurance lobbies have done a brilliant -- if self-serving -- job convincing lawmakers and media that coverage is the issue.

    Only it’s not. Lack of coverage is a byproduct of the real problem -- cost. But hospitals and insurance companies would prefer to ignore the pesky root-of-the-matter fact that health care in America costs too much.


    Access to care is what Americans want. Cost, not coverage, is the roadblock. Access is not a problem...


  • Advocates seek antitrust review of ACO regulation

    • September 2017

    By Erin Mansfield

    Sep 25 2017

    Two advocates have asked lawmakers to consider antitrust issues as they charge health care regulators with oversight of accountable care organizations.

    The advocates made their case earlier this month at a meeting of the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules.

    In 2016, the Legislature charged the board with creating a budget oversight and certification process for accountable care organizations, or ACOs, health reform companies that are the basis for the all-payer model that former Gov. Peter Shumlin spearheaded.

    The all-payer model originally sought to have a single ACO accept payments from Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurers and then pass those payments on to doctors and other providers based on the quality of care they provide instead of the number of procedures they perform.



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